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Newsletter marketing is currently available in two forms: the "classic" newsletter Carl Soderberg Avalanche Jersey , so a more information-heavy media - and the "e-mailing" or "stand-alone", which has a more "commercial" character. Figuratively speaking, is a newsletter a "customer magazine" - an e-mailing other hand, a "sales letter".

Email marketing services are becoming increasingly important in the marketing mix of direct marketing. The advantages for advertisers are obvious:

• Newsletter Sending are much cheaper than any "paper-communication".
• They are highly customizable.
• Mail Sending are produced quickly - and can therefore very flexible
are used for short-term sales stimulation.

In contrast to many recipients promotional e-mails tend to have a bad reputation and are often associated with "spam". Spam is from the perspective of a petrol normal consumer receiver every e-mail that "disturb" - completely independent of the actual legal situation. A company can prove that even the "waterproof" Permission - if the e-mails that are sent by him for the receiver make no added value Blake Comeau Avalanche Jersey , they are not perceived positively.

The magic word: Relevance

The advantages of greater segmentation are obvious:

• The opening rate of highly personalized and targeted style mail is about 50 percent higher than that of "one size fits all" -
• Other indicators such as "click-through-rate" and the Abbestellquote are substantially better.
• Most importantly, is the conversion rate relevant campaigns almost four times higher than "simple" campaigns.

What encourages readers to click? The market research company Jupiter mailing recipients asked what brought them to click:

• 54 percent: because the product Offered Offered Service is interested.
• 40 percent since the text has convinced them.
• 35 percent: because the subject line.
• 12 percent: because of the key visuals (the "main" image in the email).
• 9 percent: because of several smaller images.

Nevertheless: In the daily work in marketing departments and agencies will provide as much longer discussion about the image to be used as material about to write to the right audience. Especially in newsletter marketing, where the shipping costs are extremely low, the temptation is very great "everything to everyone" send - it "costs nothing". However Alexander Kerfoot Avalanche Jersey , it costs: Because it costs the attention of the reader (we all get too many e-mails!), It will cost clicks and conversions, it costs reputation, it will cost subscribers and long term Sven Andrighetto Avalanche Jersey , it will ruin the mass mailing marketing a business. Short term it a strategy of "massive advertising pressure" to be successful - in the long term in any case.

So Relevance determines the success of an e-mailings. How to make everything right shows, for example, the music download iTunes goals. iTunes is (rightly, it seems Tyson Barrie Avalanche Jersey , apart from various "Germany-seeking-the-superstar-day-old fly" from) the assumption that someone who has once downloaded music from a certain artist might be interested in it if just these musicians new album Release:

The decisive statement in this mailing: "Since you have previously downloaded music by Moby on iTunes, you may also their new album, Go - The very best of Moby '". Yes, it is interested - at least a large part of the recipient.

It is striking how open iTunes to handle it that the mailings are sent based on past purchases Semyon Varlamov Avalanche Jersey , "Since you have previously purchased music by Moby on iTunes ....". Some people might be "sounded out" occur. But why not? Often provides transparency in dealing with the receiver end for a "better feeling". And who reads the sentence "... previously soundtrack by Moby. ..." Feels "picked up" and taken seriously with his interests.

In order to produce such individual mailings, a number of obstacles to overcome:

1. The individualizing information must be available and accessible. Here, of course, have modern online stores a great advantage. ITunes is a query Patrick Roy Avalanche Jersey , who has charged a specific album ever, not a very big problem.

2. In Stores or in the company's CRM system data, though often available - but these databases are independent of the e-mail database. At times, you can consolidate the data - but where this is not possible Mikko Rantanen Avalanche Jersey , techniques remain as evaluations and click "Nachqualifizierungs actions" the drug of choice.

3. The individual mailings must be produced as efficiently as possible. Again, iTunes is exemplary: All mailings of this type see in their basic form of the same: A key visual, a short text, a reference to other albums of the artist - that is the mailing. This factor is underestimated in its importance Never: The market trend is clearly towards ever smaller Gabriel Landeskog Avalanche Jersey , distributors her more and more and more the individualized mailings. Slender, well-defined processes in the creation of mailings are thus always essential for success - otherwise the workload for each mailing is simply too high.

Individualization in the mailing

In the example above e-mailing is produced individually for specific target groups. A similar approach is to produce a "standard-mailing" for a larger target group - but individualize individual items within this mailing.

This example uses the office products dealer Corporate Express at his premium mailings. Depending on the number of points in the bonus program other contents are shown:

• An image with the largest premiums to the receiver with the
existing score can already purchase.
• A text: "If you earn more points only xy, you can
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