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Successful endeavors reflect the strength of the planning behind the scenes and before execution. There are very few things worth doing that can be done without planning and preparation. Direct mail campaigns are no different. Even if your marketing flyers have outstanding graphics and a stirring call to action Wholesale AC Milan FC Jerseys , if their distribution is not planned, it will not bring in the results your business needs.


Every direct mail campaign begins with a list. Whether you purchase your lists or build your own, you must know whom you intend to reach with your message. Direct mail advertising can be a broadly scattered blast or targeted with pin-point accuracy and anything in between. You need to choose what method you will take.

Mailing lists can be purchases from a number of sources. There are companies that do nothing but buy and sell information Cheap AC Milan FC Jerseys , but this service can become expensive. You can also use lists from your local postal service. However, these are based solely on the recipient鈥檚 address so you cannot target the delivery very well.

List purchasing is always an option but building your own lists may be a stronger plan. Start with your current customers. Do you want to send direct mail advertising to your most frequent customers, the ones with the strongest purchasing history or to new prospects? If you have a long list you may want to segment it and create a plan for each group. Perhaps a return visit coupon for customers you haven鈥檛 seen a while or a flyer with a map for new residents.


Once you narrow down your audience Wholesale AC Milan Jerseys , you can craft the message you want to deliver with your advertising. Direct mail can be very effective but it needs to present a strong, clear and timely message.

Craft a clear and concise message. Your audience will only spare your flyer a few precious moments so make them count. Don鈥檛 fill pages with tiny text. The reader will toss it in the recycling bin before a paragraph is read.

Your message should have some kind of call to action, a reason for the recipient to do something. Whether it is a coupon to get them into your business or a website to hit Cheap AC Milan Jerseys , give them something to 鈥渄o鈥?with your message and make it feel urgent. Season promotions and limited offers create that sense of urgency.

Don鈥檛 forget to include your contact information on the flyer or postcard. Be certain the address, phone number, email address and web address are all correct and accurate. Triple check this feature!


The next stage in your campaign planning is to determine the delivery frequency of your direct mail flyers. When it comes to direct mail advertising Suso Jersey , once is never enough. You need to repeat you contact with the audience a few times before your message will take root. Determine how often you will send direct mail to a list member and how frequently you will resend.


It鈥檚 important to choose your delivery timing as well as the frequency. The weeks prior to the Christmas holiday are packed with mail and your message may be slow to arrive or simply get lost in the clutter of the mailbox. Mother鈥檚 Day has a similar effect on the mail. Unless you are having a holiday-themed event, these portions of the year should be avoided.

You also need to time you message to the life and seasons of the recipient. For instance, a postcard highlighting teeth whitening is a great idea for April and May Riccardo Montolivo Jersey , just prior to the most popular season for proms, graduation and weddings. Back-to-school specials should be publicized in late July to early August.

Talk to a reputable direct mail company like Mudlick Mail today, to plan out your next campaign. You will see the effort you invest reflected in your success.

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