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Biblical scholars have been claiming for the last 25 years various statements and biblical quotes in attempts to determine if and when the events indicated in Revelations will occur. Everyone has had a different theory and timeframe. Now Authentic JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , due to the newly revealed bible codes, they are all in agreement (even the skeptics) and it's not fiction like in the Davinci code. This is both exciting and spine-chilling at the same time. The end times may really be near this time - and this isn't a joke!

There are instances that we cannot explain like why the first five books of the Torah, which were given to Moses were sequential - no spaces, punctuation, etc... and it has been passed down for more than 3000 years to keep it that way. Revelations hints at a secret book that will be revealed in the end times. Could these new codes be the "secret book" that spells out the past Authentic T. J. Watt Jersey , present and future? These ideas of a secret code originated in Israel with Jewish scholars. Some famous Israeli mathematicians created computer programs to create matrix patterns and look for hidden codes in the original Hebrew and Greek texts. What they found was nothing short of amazing. They found Hitler, Saddam Hussein, the assasination of J.F.K., they may even have found damning evidence that World War 3 is soon to be and that the events in the book of Revelations have already started.

These findings were done by computer and intelligence code breaking experts. They established that the odds against finding these hidden codes were over 10 million to 1! They found "world war" and linked it to our years 2006. They found a massive earthquake linked to Japan in 2006. This is actually mentioned in the Bible in Ezekial 38:19 as there will be a great earthquake when Israel is divided. Could this be that earthquake and will it be this year? These new revelations could be prophecy of what is soon to come and it is both amazing and shocking. This is coming from the bible and it all matches and even the skeptics agree that there is something to this.

A leading researcher Roy Reinhold states "My calculation of world war 3 beginning right after the abomination of desolation on January 31, February 1 2006 Authentic Terrell Edmunds Jersey , meets the test of reasonableness with regards to the prophetic word." The abomination of desolation is when the antichrist takes his seat in the Temple of God and declares himself as God - the ultimate abomination to God. This then starts world war 3. All the events surrounding this are coming true - a European superpower, terrorism with dirty biological weapons - there is a matrix on the codes that brings out anthrax as a possible source of many deaths. This is both fascinating and scary as hell. The world as we know it could forever change and fast. Its all in these codes - economic ruin, earthquakes, world war 3, the worst death toll in history Authentic Jerome Bettis Jersey , Russia joining in against America, etc... If you want to know more there are numerous books on the various matrices of the bible codes, articles, etc... all over the internet. Just look up bible code in your favorite search engine. It might just make an atheist religious just to know the possibilities of what may be lying ahead in our near future.

Free News Articles Home Business Free News Articles Eu4ia CBD Announces Grand Opening Event for New Retail Location in Colonie Center Mall Eu4ia CBD Announces Grand Opening Event for New Retail Location in Colonie Center Mall

COLONIE, N.Y. -- Eu4ia LLC Mason Rudolph Jersey , the areas first retailer dedicated to CBD based products, is excited to announce its second retail location in Colonie Center Mall. A grand opening celebration will take place on June 29, 2019 from 12 - 3 p.m.

To celebrate the grand opening, Eu4ia will be offering CBD education and demonstration sessions throughout the day, as well as sampling Zach Gentry Jersey , raffles, giveaways, and a beverage tasting to be hosted by a local distributor of the industry leading CBD beverages, Kona Gold and High Drate.

The Colonie Center location is Eu4ia's second retail location in the Capital Region, the first of which is located at 146 Jay St. in Schenectady and opened for business in February 2018. Bringing a retail location to Colonie Center Mall gives the community access to industry leading Benny Snell Jr. Jersey , locally manufactured, third party lab tested CBD products that they can trust at a reasonable price.

"Eu4ia CBD products are produced locally from the highest quality ingredients available," said Mike Kruger, founder and owner of Eu4ia. "We've taken great pride in formulating this line of CBD products over the past three years and we are thrilled to offer our community high quality CBD products at a very reasonable price."

Founded in 2016, Eu4ia offers convenient access to a growing variety of CBD products Justin Layne Jersey , including tinctures, topical pain relief, skin care, and edibles, along with proper education on the offered products. The new venue is located in a kiosk on the second floor of Colonie Center Mall outside of the food court.

Kruger is enthusiastic about the opening of the new Eu4ia location: "The market is now growing and people are finding the true benefits to these wonderful products. The accessibility to our new location gives the community convenient access to products they can trust and gain an education at the same time."

Eu4ia Colonie Center is currently open for business 7 days a week.

Learn more: https:www.eu4iacbd.

For more information about the June 29 Diontae Johnson Jersey , 2019 Grand Opening Celebration, contact Mike Kruger at 518-377-0807 or mike@eu4iacbd.

Related link: https:www.eu4iacbd

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