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The Great British Aikido Controversy Sports Articles | May 19 Enes Kanter Jersey , 2005
The Aikido ... The Aikido ... is now a part of British Aikido History. It was a long and ... fight to protect the true history of British Aikido from the false claims of Mr Jack

The Aikido Controversy

The Aikido Controversy is now a part of British Aikido History. It was a long and difficult fight to protect the true history of British Aikido from the false claims of Mr Jack Poole and The British Aikido Board. Sport England totally exonerated Henry Ellis. The BAB were instructed to give Henry Ellis a full public apology after admitting that Mr Poole had received an award to APPEASE him. The BAB also admitted that Mr Poole could only substanciate his history from 1968.

The Controversy
(Why such a controversy)

Two years ago I received a circular, via the British Aikido Board, inviting me to Mr Jack Poole's celebratory seminar of "47 years in Aikido". At that time this would have placed Mr Poole as the first ever for Aikido in the UK in 1952. This is a very serious statement and offensive to those like myself and others who took part in the birth of British Aikido, and its subsequent promotion. So why the controversy? Mr Poole was an immediate beginner in my Dojo at Slough, Berks Kemba Walker Jersey , in 1968. One does not have to be a nuclear scientist to calculate that 1968 from 2000 is 32 years (not 47 years) However the British Aikido Board in its wisdom refused to answer my subsequent complaint, against Mr Pooles claim, and at the National Seminar 2000 awarded him a bronze samurai statue to celebrate his "40 plus years of Aikido".

The article that follows details these events and has been built up as the events unfolded.

Yours in Budo
Sensi Henry Ellis

For the history of British Aikido, read Sensei Ellis's article "Positive Aikido" in "Fighting Arts International".

The Final Analysis

On the 29th February 2000 Sensei Ellis sent an official letter of complaint to the British Aikido Board, the letter was addressed to the British Aikido Board secretary Mrs S Timms Jayson Tatum Jersey , subsequently Mrs Timms arranged a meeting at "The Hut" with Sensei's Foster, Ellis, Eastman, and Mrs Timms herself to discuss the matters detailed in the letter. It was agreed without doubt that no one had ever heard of Mr Poole prior to him being a beginner in Sensei Ellis's dojo in 1968.

At the British Aikido Board meeting held on the 23rd September 2000, the British Aikido Board executive denied having received the "official complaint" when the matter was raised by Sensei Derek Eastman. If the British Aikido Board executive did not receive the letter Paul Pierce Jersey , why? It was as a result of this letter that the above meeting took place, so I will ask the question again, why was this important official letter that directly affects the history of British Aikido not placed before the whole of the executive committee?

In brief the evidence against Mr Poole that was offered to the British Aikido Board:

Sensei Ellis has not one photo of Mr Poole as a beginner in 1968 but several.

Both these photes clearly show Mr Poole as a beginner and were taken in 1968

A video taken in 1968, clearly showing Mr Poole as a beginner.
Witnesses to these dates:
> Chiba Sensei
> Ellis Sensei
> Eastman Sensei
> Goodwin Sensei
> Staverou Sensei
Students from that time.
When Mr Poole was asked by a senior member of the British Aikido Board "Jack, when and where did you actually start your Aikido" Larry Bird Jersey , Mr Poole's reply was "errgh, I can't really remember when I started".

On the strength of that brief statement the British Aikido Board awarded Mr Poole with a fine samurai statue to celebrate our new leader.

Once again I repeat that the only reason for the controversy article being placed on our Internet site is not malicious but simply to protect the true history of Aikido in the UK.

As of today?s date, 13th October 2000, we have not yet received any advice from a lawyer as to any threatened action. We intend to keep the article on our website and if Mrs Timms and Mr Poole wish to contest the truth then we patiently await your legal response to change hard facts into fiction.

Jack Poole
And his forthcoming
"Celebration of 47 years of Aikido"
By Henry Ellis Sensei
The Controversy

Recently, I received a letter from the British Aikido Board Kyrie Irving Jersey , enclosed were the usual documents of a previous general meeting, amongst the papers was a A4 size photo of Mr. Poole, inviting everyone to the above celebration, including me. The content of the poster was of great concern to many others and me who shared in the birth of Aikido in Britain. If you have not read my story in "Fighting Arts International " No 93, and Aikido Today Magazine No 36 Bill Russell Jersey , they are to be found on this web page.

Why all this concern?

As I have stated above, the history of Aikido in the UK is very well documented. Kenshiro Abbe Sensei introduced Aikido in 1955, his first student was Ken Williams Sensei, (see Aikido Today Magazine #43). From that early group of selected students, the only ones to survive are Williams sensei Boston Celtics Jersey , Haydn Foster sensei, and myself Henry (Harry) Ellis. Williams sensei was made the National coach for Aikido in the UK, and I was the assistant National coach.

During those great early years, we traveled all over the British Isles, also to France and Belgium.

If we are to believe Mr. Poole?s claim to 47 years of Aikido John Collins Jersey , then this would place him back in the era of 19523, this is two years before the arrival of Kenshiro Abbe sensei to the UK. None of the early teachers had ever heard of Mr. Poole, that is until Mr. Poole came to join my "beginners class" in 19678 at my dojo in Slough, Berkshire.

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